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Mount Hotham Stats

Season Dates 7 June to 28 September 2015
Elevation 1861m
Lifted Terrain 245ha
Number of Lifts 13 incl. Dinner Plain
Ski Area 320ha
Mount Hotham Airport 20km from resort
Longest Downhill Run   2.5km
Snowboard Parks 4 (snow dependent)
X-Country Trails 35km and Free
Night Skiing Wednesday and Saturday

Driving to Mount Hotham

hotham rd map

It takes approximately 4.5 hours from Melbourne (via Bright) and 8 hours from Sydney to drive Hotham Alpine Resort. Mount Hotham is located at the crest of the LOT 20A Great Alpine Rd, the highest bitumen road in Australia. By road the resort is 357km from Melbourne, 746km from Sydney and 882km from Adelaide. Important Note for all guests about snow chains and driving to Hotham Alpine Resort: Diamond pattern snow chains (ladder chains, spider chains and snow socks are not permitted) are now mandatory for all vehicles at all times during the declared snow season and must be fitted where directed. It is a legal requirement for all vehicles entering the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort, and it is also a safety measure. You can hire chains at the base of the mountain, in Harrietville from Hotham Sports or Hoys Ski Centre or in Omeo from various Service Stations. Hoys Chain Fitting Info operates on the Harrietville approach of the LOT 20A Great Alpine Rd when vehicles are required to fit them. This is a free service for Hoys chain customers. Please note, if the weather is producing snowfalls or low visibility, there may be delays on the LOT 20A Great Alpine Rd. If guests are coming from Melbourne during these times we recommend using the LOT 20A Great Alpine Rd via Omeo as an alternative route to getting here.-

Mount Hotham Snow and Road Report
This number has both a daily updatedMount Hotham Snow and Road Report snow and road condition report. For any further information about road conditions please phone Resort Management on 03 5759 3550.

Snow Chains for your tyres

chainsstyleApproaching chain fitting bay

Fit chains at bays where you see the "Fit Chains Here" sign. Always fit chains to driving wheels only. When required, 4WD vehicles should fit chains to manufacturers recommendation. Diamond pattern chains are now mandatory for all vehicles entering the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort. Ladder chains, spider chains and snow socks are not permitted to be used at any time. Chain fitting bays are safe, designated areas. They are level and make fitting easier. Chains are hard to fit on slopes and you will obstruct other vehicles and snow clearing equipment. It is also dangerous. At all Victorian resorts, you can be fined for not carrying and fitting chains as directed. This is a state law.If it has not been necessary to fit chains when travelling to the resort, it is advisable to fit them upon arrival in preparation for the return trip. It is quite difficult to fit them to cars covered by snow. Do not drive faster than 40kph Vic Road Sign

Chain Fitting Checklist

First tip is crucial always fit chains to driving wheels only. Always test fit chains before a trip. Fit at fitting bays on level ground. If chains fall off or loosen when a vehicle is in motion, stop and check brake lines for damage, before retensioning. Carry a torch, plastic garbage bag (or tarp) and gloves to make fitting easier. Use correctly fitting diamond pattern chains. Ladder chains, spider chains and snow socks are not permitted to be used at any time in the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort. Tyres must be in good condition with minimal wear. Chains alter your car's handling, so take time to readjust your driving and take care! and If it has not been necessary to fit chains when travelling to the resort, you may want to fit your approved chains after arriving in case there are significant snowfalls during your stay

Winter Season


Park only where directed. If you do not, you run the risk of another vehicle or snow clearing vehicle running into what looks to the driver like just another drift of snow. Do not apply the handbrake, as moisture can freeze the cables and brake linings. Leave the car in gear with the front wheels turned away from the slope. Always park as close to the bank as possible, to leave room for two-way traffic. Do not use rocks to chock wheels as they may damage snow clearing machines. Remove wheel chocks from parking area when leaving. Even if chains were not required to enter the area, it is advisable to fit them when parking. It is much easier than trying to fit them later for the return trip if weather conditions change or the vehicle is snowbound. Cover the radiator to help prevent freezing. Periodically clear snow from on and around the vehicle.

Severe Weather Events

During significant weather events road closures along the LOT 20A Great Alpine Rd between Harrietville and the Mount Hotham Resort may occur. Road closures occur partly due to poor visibility and deep snow on the road. However one of the main contributors to closures are vehicle drivers not fulfilling their responsibilities and requirements, consequently causing road blockages. A road management strategy has been agreed between Vic Roads, Victoria Police and the Board for significant weather events. This strategy involves tightly managed vehicle movements from Harrietville to the Mount Hotham Resort and return. It might also include convoys to and from the Resort. In convoy situations some vehicles will have priority over other vehicles i.e. buses and coaches/heavy trucks. These vehicles will form the head of the convoy behind the nominated convoy leader (and often a snow clearing vehicle). They provide packing of the roadway in advance of the smaller vehicles. The key issue is one of ROAD SAFETY and if you continue on your journey in non compliance with the regulated road safety requirements you can expect to receive an infringement notice from Victorian Police.

Ticket Guide


Save 10% on your Lift Pass when you add lessons OR equipment hire Save 15% on your lift pass when you add lessons AND equipment hire Lessons/Equipment hire must be the same duration as the lift pass Available online only

Downhill Ticket Purchase

All lift, lesson and equipment rental products purchased in advance via our online store are covered by our Snow Guarantee

A Resort Entry fee is applicable to all motor vehicles stopping in a Victorian Ski Resorts during the declared snow season.
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